Bells & Hammers

by Clyde Veer

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wait in line boy you'll get yur bread


released March 3, 2017

a big thank you to this cruel world and all the lovely people therein.





Clyde Veer Montreal, Québec

Loafing through Apocalyptica

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Track Name: As You Please, Miss
Hey little missie sunshine,
Won't you take a ride on my cloud?
Hey little missie sunshine,
Won't you take a ride on my rain cloud?
We can make a rainbow,
just don't say it out loud.

Tell me, how many men
Made you promises they could not keep?
Tell me, how many men
Made you promises they could not, would not, did not even want to keep?
And I'm not saying I'm like those men, but
You gonna have to wait and see.

Let me take you up the mountain,
Show you all of that wild, wild land.
Let me take you up the mountain,
There's Venetian alleys and Arabian sands.
We can make a little flag,
Plant it in no man's land.

How many little boys
Have you got clawing at your heels?
How many little boys,
Sitting around trying to cop a little feel?
You don't gotta walk nowhere:
Get behind my wheel.

Some men are born slaves,
Some men are born kings.
Some men are born slaves,
Some men are born kings.
And some men are born to
Just stroll along and sing.

Hey little missie fawn,
Jumping around in my blanket of snow!
Hey little missie fawn,
Hey little doe doe doe doe.
Well I hate to see you gone, but I
Love to watch you go.
Track Name: Vault Time Blues
How much longer can this go on,
Living in our little box houses?
How much longer can this go on,
Clicking our computer mouses?
From what I hear
It's almost here:
The whole thing coming to a halt.
Whether it's rising shores
Or resource wars,
I wanna be locked in a vault.

How much longer can this go on,
Endless asphalt pavement?
How much longer can this go on,
Til we go back to living like cavemen?
If you'll listen,
We're all complicit;
It's pretty much all our faults.
Whether it's heaven sent
Or just rising rent,
I wanna be locked in a vault.

How much longer can this go on,
Chasing all our vain ambitions?
We got Elon Musk saying we're gonna be saved
By some kind of Marsian mission.
But there's more and more people,
And they wanna know
"Who the hell's John Galt??"
I'm not saying I'm for 'em
I'm not saying I abhor 'em
I'm saying I wanna be locked in a vault.

How much longer can this go on,
we got ourselves an epidemic?
Day by day, bit by bit,
We're turning our blood to venom.
But the storm's a-comin,
the war drum's drummin;
The tower'll be struck by a lightning bolt.
If you don't believe me, you can wait and see
While I'm somewhere locked in a vault.
Track Name: Lil Miss Vagabond
Her black hair's greasy;
She got a dog, she calls him Pete;
I said, "Don't leave me."
She said, "Until next time we meet.
I'll be passin through here
Next time I do feel so inclined.
I'll bump into ya,
We'll pick up where we left behind.

Oh she's comin into town with the train hop band,
Comin into town, don't need no man.
Here she comes:
Lil miss vagabond.

Just got her backpack,
And a little four string banjo.
Knows all the words to
I Ain't Got No Home.
Makes you believe that
There's maybe something in this world.
Beyond the greed and
The wind and rain so cruel and cold.

All we ever did
Was sit out by the fountain,
Smoking cigarettes
And drinking paper bag gin,
Exchanging stories
About the funny looks we got
From all those boring
Deluded zombie bags of snot.
Track Name: Folded Arms
Late last night,
Didn't have a key,
Knocking at the door,
Couldn't hear a peep,
Sitting on the steps,
One last cigarette
Stuck between my teeth.

I was getting fed up,
Went looking for a rock
To toss it at your 'dow,
To hope to wake you up;
But I got no finesse,
I made a shattering mess,
And your eyes were shut.

Hey, tell me if you're there.
Could you give me a reply?
And if you're not there,
Could you tell me why?
Or are you still asleep?
Girl how you get that deep
When all you do is lie?

I heard it like a song,
Comin twinkling down,
The waving of a wand,
The glitter of a crown;
She said, "play for me a tune.
Boy, aren't you tryna swoon and
You didn't even bow."

Kinda took me by surprise,
But it coulda been worse.
After muttering a sigh,
I started spluttering a verse.
Man the things I do to live,
And one day it's gonna give;
But I'll be rhymin in the hearse.

I played her my song,
But she wouldn't let me in.
"You've been gone so long,
Who knows where you been."
And she put me in the cold,
With our arms all fol-
Track Name: Farewell to the North Dakota Hills
Farewell to the North Dakota hills,
Farewell to the ragin wind;
And fare thee well to the beatin of the drums,
And the singing of the hymn.

That green-eyed girl on the North Dakota hills,
Was only passin through;
And by this time tomorrow-day,
I will be goin too.

Howlin wolves heard from the North Dakota hills,
While round a fire warm,
Chills my heart, and just as the howlin starts
I feel a comin storm.

Plumes of smoke from the North Dakota hills,
Soak the whole sky grey.
If I had to choose one promise which to give:
I will return one day.

Farewell to the North Dakota hills,
Farewell to the bitter cold;
They call this land God's Country,
Or so I have been told.
Track Name: I Don't Believe You
I don't believe you, babe.
I don't believe your lies.
I don't believe it when you huff and puff and criticize.
I don't believe you when you tell me that my ain't true.
Babe! I don't believe you.

I've been around the block
A half a million times,
I've been out where the water tastes like bitter wine;
And now you're trying to tell me that the whole things through.
Babe! I don't believe you.

Every time I stop to catch a little air,
I see you lookin at me with a bitter stare.
Every time I try to explain that my intentions are pure,
You go spouting propaganda like it's some kind of cure.
But oh oh honey, when I turn my back
You come rollin over faster than the express track.

I'm done with this,
All your childish games.
All your accusations all your placing blame.
Don't come tellin me I made you blue
Cause babe, I won't believe you.
Track Name: Smoke Em In My Dreams
So apparently I'm a smoker,
Why the hell we need a label?
Guess I'm Cain not Abel,
In the modern day fable.

The say, "Have you ever seen a black lung?"
Well haven't you ever heard a song sung?
That rhetoric's all wrong,
I'm suggesting in this here song.

I keep my cigarettes
In my jeans.
Only my cigarettes know
Where I have been.
I'll light another one,
With the other one;
Then I'll
Smoke em in my dreams.

Some people quip,
"Kid you better quit."
Well I don't abide by that
Bullshit health fascist gibberjab.

Some say, "goddammit,
That's a dirty habit!"
Well, I smoke em like a rabbit
Chews a carrot
(When I have em)

They always point to the packets,
Say, "don't that look graphic?"
Is that lung made of plastic?
Cause my heart's made of matches.

You don't know virtue
Unless you know a little vice;
Sure cigarettes hurt you,
But they feel pretty nice.
Track Name: I Got the Blues for You
The moon's risin but it ain't even high;
My heart's decided that your love is a lie,
But my mind still wants to give it a try.
I got the blues for you.

You say you listen but my words you don't know,
Your eyes glisten but they don't even glow,
And when we kissin it ain't even slow.
I got the blues for you.

I got the blues in my rhythm, blues in my roll;
Blues in my body and soul.
It's under my armpits,
In my guitar licks.
It's with me when you go.
Once I was a songbird with a cheerful tune,
Now it's sad and blue.
I'm mopin lazy, how can you blame me?
I got the blues for you.

I was at your place you wouldn't let me stay.
You say I'm a doormat, just gets in the way.
You know I abhor those little things that you say.
I got the blues for you.

The moon's mullin, now it's right at its peak;
Won't be a full one for at least half a week.
You love is null, my night is bleak.
I got the blues for you.
Track Name: Movin On
I heard the whisper,
I heard the cry;
I heard the question
And the answer why.
I gave my goodbye,
Let's call it done.
I'll be movin on.

I felt the sunshine,
I felt the rain;
I felt elation,
And I felt pain.
I might be insane,
I might be wrong.
I'll be movin on.

If I see you
In our old hometown,
Walkin down the high street
In a wedding gown,
Would you be down
To hear a song?
Then I'll be movin on.

The world is wild and the world is strange.
You got all these people goin all these ways,
With all their thoughts in all their brains,
WIth all their baggage and with all their pains,
And with all their little balls and chains.

Me, I'm goin forward,
Not looking back;
The gate is open,
But the road is black.
You can attack me
For puttin ya on,
Then I'll be movin on.

You can accuse me,
criminalize me,
But don't be surprised
If you cannot find me.
I ain't hidin,
I'm just gone.
I'll be movin on.
Track Name: Blowin Back To You
What have we got to win?
Same as we've got to lose.
I'm always goin with the wind
And blowin back to you.

You may call it a sin,
But it ain't a ruse.

If you'd known where I'd been,
You'd share my blues.

When I get goin again,
You just look confused.

It seems the hearts of men,
Are always torn in two.

You may call me a friend,
But it wouldn't be true.

I'm more like a pendulum,
Swingin on through.

I ain't tryin to condescend,
And I ain't tryin to woo.

So let's call this the end,
Until we start anew.
Track Name: Get Crazy With Me
There's a sign in the heavens,
I had to break that curse.
Your eyes struck like lightning,
As I came fallin back to earth.
Yours was the first face I laid eyes on
Since I left the cloud,
Outside of the metro,
Bangs hangin down.

I don't know you,
At least not yet,
But part of living is feeling regret
So comn comn comn baby,
Get crazy with me.

You're walking on water,
I'm treading on spikes.
Some other guy might have bought ya
Everything you like.
But I'm not made of money,
No I'm a human being.
If you want honey,
I can show you what I mean.

Might be naive,
Not gon' lie,
But part of living is admitting we die.
So comn comn comn baby,
Get crazy with me.

I don't need to dream,
Waking's good enough,
Just as long as I can see you
Strutting out your stuff.
It's a beautiful world, babe,
It's wicked all the same;
So will you be the balance
To my wicked ways?

It's just an offer,
You can turn it down.
But either way I'm skipping town.
Comn comn comn baby,
Get crazy with me.

I'm feelin stabbed with a thousand pins,
In all the perfect spots;
Acupunture with your wry little grin,
I'm willin to give you all I got

I ain't playin,
I'm just fallin.
I hope it's not too late to be callin:
Comn comn comn baby,
Get crazy with me.

The sidewalk's wide enough so,
We can walk in two.
I'm sick of singin
All my lonesome blues.
Won't you help me change my note, baby?
Let me change my key.
All he ever wrote was,
"Just a-come along with me!"

Do you feel it?
The world is changed.
Life's easy when you admit that it's strange.
Comn comn comn baby,
Get crazy with me.

I'm runnin on dopamine,
I'm runnin out of time.
I'm praying and I'm hoping,
Because I gotta make you mine.
Some things are worth the patience,
Some things are worth the wait;
But I don't think I can take it,
I fear it's too late.
Why you runnin circles -
whatcha tryna prove??
We both know it so let's just up and move!
Comn comn comn baby,
Get crazy with me.

Comn comn comn baby,
Get crazy with me.
Track Name: Folk Song
Here's a folk song, a folk song, a folk song,
You may know the melody;
But I wrote some, I wrote some, I wrote some
Words to accompany.

And we'll sing and we'll play,
We'll play and we'll sing;
We'll cry and we'll kiss and we'll moan.
I'll still be singin
And playing my guitar,
When all of the kids have gone home.

Another folk song, folk song, folk song,
One that we may have heard;
Just let let me smoke one, smoke one, smoke one,
Then I'll play it for the birds.

One last folk song, folk song, folk song,
Before we go to sleep;
Make it a joke one, a joke one, a joke one,
For we have no need to weep.
Track Name: The Third Elijah
The third Elijah
Is already here.
When he speak the fire hears,
And the fire hears,
Boy the fire hears.

The third Elijah
In nihilist black,
When he speaks
The sky will crack.
And the sky will crack,
Boy the sky will crack.

Once a rainbow
Emblazoned the sky,
Now there's nothing
So Elijah cries.
Elijah cries,
Elijah cries.

Up on the mountain,
Away from men,
A sparrow consoles him,
"Elijah my friend,
Elijah my friend,
Elijah my friend."

"The gate is open,
The song is playing,
The good procession
Comes again,
Comes again,
Boy, has come again.

"Go Elijah,
Your duty's found:
Go where the mountain
Meets the ground,
Where it meets the ground,
Where it meets the ground."

Down the valley,
The haunt of men,
Walks Elijah
With his sparrow friend,
His sparrow friend,
His sparrow friend.

When he gets to town he's
Gonna hit some bar,
Grab a stool
And a stranger's guitar,
A stranger's guitar,
A stranger's guitar.

The third Elijah
Is already here,
When he speaks the end is near,
And now he speaks, boy,
The end is here.
Track Name: I Wanna Know Why
Why you gotta make it hard?
Why you gotta make me sweat?
You know we got this far,
But there's further yet.
We could make a wish true,
If you'd give it a try,
But you always got your fist true
And I wanna know why.

Why you always tryin to win?
Why you tryin to put me down?
If you won't let me in,
I'm gonna have to go around.
We could make a new world,
Just you and I,
But you're always acting too cold,
And I wanna know why.

Do you think it is a game?
Do you think it is a joke?
We'll both know who's to blame,
When it goes up in smoke.
You won't work for a dream,
You'd rather settle for a sigh.
I'm bursting at the seams,
Because I wanna know why.

Cause I want you in my life,
You're acting like it is a crime.
It's like you stab me with a knife
Every single time;
You throw my body in the dirt,
And then you cover it with lies.
If I'm somebody else to hurt,
I wanna know why.

You coulda come along with me,
I know that it's a lot to ask;
But there's a whole world to see,
You can't see it through your mask.
You only do me wrong,
So I'll say goodbye.
I wrote you this song,
Cause I want to know why.
Track Name: I Wish, I Wish
I wish, I wish,
Marika you'd come over.
Just know you've piqued my interest
And shaken my knees.
I've been all over,
Here to Oklahoma
Only one little lady in this world for me.

I'm a rambler, been known to be a gambler
And I never had a problem that I couldn't run away from
Til I met you, can't forget you,
If I go to Mexico, you'd still be floatin around in my hollow skull.

I'm goin South, then I'll hit the West Coast,
When the Spring comes around, I'm goin North to see my folks.
When the sunshine falls, I'll be back in Montreal,
See ya on St. Denis, and I'll be givin out a call.

There's so much chaos runnin around in our lives,
The world in general is just a goddamn mess, I'm
Tossin and turnin in bed most nights,
Gotta have you here beside me for some much needed rest.
Track Name: Where Ya Goin?
Last night we had a fight,
I said things that I know weren't right,
Bag packed, before daylight
You're puttin on your shoes.

In the kitchen with the kettle on,
Cup of something hot and then you're gone;
I turn the radio to channel one
For the early morning news.

Car crash on the low road,
Second Narrows bridge's closed.
You drink your coffee with your eyes closed,
Then go slippin on your toque.

I ask you if you need a ride,
You say, ."it's pretty nice outside.
Think I'll walk until the road gets wide,
Catch someone passing through."

Hey kid,
Where ya goin?
Backpack and a cellphone.
Won't you call me just to tell me that you won't come home.

Got in the car and I drove to far,
Following the fadin stars,
I'll always wonder where you are,
And where you're gonna be.

Evergreens all turnin brown,
Speedin past the edge of town,
Crescent moon sinking down,
Underneath the sea.

I make a stop at a beach of rocks,
Scare way a seagull flock,
Peel off my shoes and socks,
Look out at the quay.

All the comin and goin ships,
I stick my feet in for a little bit,
You and I we can agree on this:
We all want to be free.

Everybody's made of broken glass,
Stitched together as the years pass;
Why do the good times never last,
And the bad ones stick like glue?

If you're going, be aware:
You can run, but you're always there;
You can hide, but nobody cares -
No one's looking for you.

You know where I keep the key,
Wrapped around the cherry tree;
If you're ever comin back to me,
I won't hold it against you.

Goodbyes never mean a thing,
They're all hypnotic mimicking.
If you ever need a king,
This chair's big enough for two.
Track Name: Sailing
Sailing away,
Sailing away,
Sailing away,
If it's just for a day
And I'm gone.

If the water was warm,
I'd jump right in;
If there wasn't a storm,
I'd try to swim,
But there is.

Sky's blue,
And it's blue and it's blue and it's grey.

Sailing away,
Sailing away,
Sailing away,
If it's just for a day
And I'm gone.

Fillin my cup
Right up to the brim,
Fillin my boots
With the places I've been
And gone.

Sky's blue,
And it's blue and it's blue and it's grey.

You don't have to worry,
You don't have to wait.
Cause I won't be comin back.
If there's one promise
That I could make,
I guess it would be that.

Sailing away,
Sailing away,
Sailing away,
If it's just for a day
And I'm gone.

Runnin around with a grin and a leap,
Swingin between a laugh and a weep
And a prayer.

And I'm here,
And I'm here and I'm here and I'm there.
Track Name: Don't Be So Glum
Hey hey, why you lookin blue?
Why you gettin all teary?
I've been driving in a beat up car,
From here to Tennessee.
And things I've seen, man,
You wouldn't believe:
People beggin on the side of the road.
So don't you be so glum, hun,
At least you got some
Money and a place to go,

I know you're acting stressed
(Why ya doin it?)
You're tellin me you got exams.
There's people out there bummin cigarettes
And eating all their meals from cans.
You're a pretty smart cookie,
Ya you ain't no rookie.
Don't be puttin on a show.
Don't you be so glum, hun,
At least you got some.
Money and a place to go.

The winter's back
And the wind is vile,
It's makin you have a little fit.
The least you could do would be crack a little smile,
Because you got a coat that fits.
If you head downtown, you'll see people bound
And shackled to the wind and the snow,
So don't you be so glum, hun,
And least you got some
Money and a place to go.

You're very blessed,
Don't you make a fuss.
You're sitting in a special spot.
Don't you get depressed
If you miss your bus
Or don't get the mark you wish you got.
I know your days are long,
But life is short,
Don't waste it feeling low.
Don't you be so glum, hun,
At least you got some
Money and a place to go.
Track Name: The Foreman's Daughter
If you're going Westward,
Past the canyons and the mountains,
To the freezing water where
The sun finds its rest.
Tell the foreman's daughter
That it's her I have thought of.
It's for her my heart is beating
Almost out of my chest.

As the moon, it is waning,
And from work she is returning,
And your pack, it is a burden,
And you wish for a bed.
Stop her on the sidewalk,
Ask her for a quick talk.
Tell her I wish I was speaking instead.

If she struggles to recall me,
Point to some shooting star a-fallin:
"He's the boy with the grey eyes,
He's the child of the moon."
Watch her eyes light up
As she remembers the night that
I gave my goodbye saying,
"I'll see ya soon."

Now that she's a woman,
And she's had men I assume,
My voice it reaches Westward
In this final croon
For a message back East
Saying, "I'll meet you when my feet
Are buried in earth and the light of the moon."
Track Name: When I Say Goodnight
There's just one thing I oughta let you know,
As the wind blows high,
As we got trekking through the year's first snow,
Hearing those cars go by.
As the powder's turnin into slush on the sidewalk
And sticking to the traffic lights:
Though you just met me,
Please don't forget me
When I say goodnight.

I feel I'm talking to a long lost love,
Exchanging tragic tales
That we both fished out of the daily drudge
And locked into our mental jails.
They come flowin out like folk songs,
Every single note feels right.
Though you just met me,
Please don't forget me
When I say goodnight.

The streets are empty, everybody else
Is huddled round their thermostats,
Picking old books off of dusty shelves
And hanging up their coats and hats.
The city's ours to paint our masterpiece
With the shadow from the dim streetlights.
Though you just met me,
Please don't forget me,
When I say goodnight.

Now I can tell me shoes are comin loose,
My socks are getting soaked.
On the street we passed a sabretooth
And he asked us if we had a smoke.
Look at the sky, I think that's Jupiter
Shinin unusually bright.
Though you just met me,
Please don't forget me
Now I'm saying goodnight.
Track Name: Cold Day
Hey hey snowflake floatin to the ground
It's a cold day

Winter wind a-blowin all around
It's a cold day

I's bout ready to be skippin town
It's a cold day

Went to the border, they had me turn around
It's a cold day.

Everywhere I look I see Rudolph noses,
Everybody hunched in Notre Damic poses,
Everybody waitin for the Summer roses,
It's a cold day.

You step outside and then you go back in,
It's the cabin fever of the cuttin wind,
I want to curl up and die until Spring begins,
It's a cold day.

How's bout missin that West Coast rain,
Cold day.

You where a million layers and it's all in vain,
Cold Day.

It starts at your fingers that freezin pain,
It's a cold day.

I know someday it'll be warm again,
Cold day.

Hey hey snowflake floatin to the ground...
Track Name: Bye Bye Country
All through town, the news was spreadin:
The bridegroom had abandoned the wedding.
I saw him down at the old train station,
Waiting for a Greyhound bus;
His girl was kickin up a fuss.
I can't really blame her, though,
Her dress was nice.
Her daddy bought it at retail price.

All through town, the word caught fire,
That that boy had another desire.
While all eyes were on the church choir,
He slipped out on his would-be wife,
To escape that rural life.
I can't really blame him,
Better sooner than later.
If he keep on brooding he might have started to hate her.

He went singin,

"Bye, bye to countryside town,
Bye to my country life!
Bye, bye to my countryside town,
Bye to my would-be wife."

All through town the boy went walkin,
From the church to where the bus was docking.
I was sittin outside with my cigarette lit
When she hit him with her high heeled shoe,
Saying, "babe, what's gotten into you?"
I can't really blame her, what he did was cruel,
He said, "I've played you for a goddamn fool."

Went singin...

All through town, the tale was hummin
That that coward went a-runnin.
He bought a ticket to the far off city,
To gamble and to drink and to cheat,
Now I hear he's livin on the street.
I can't really blame him, sometimes you gotta try.
And most of the time, you gotta say goodbye...
Track Name: Watching My Babe Go By
There she goes, with another man,
Yeah she holding another hand.
Here am I, with my lovesick lullaby,
Watching my babe go by.

The mime plays his magic flute;
She so refined, I'm looking destitute.
I'm resigned to be paralyzed in time,
Watching my babe go by.

I'm down in the roadside pits,
Shovelling out a drainage ditch;
She says hi, I'm looking dirty as a sty,
Watching my babe go by.

From where I'm at
I can see you're hurting,
I can see behind your smirking,
Feel the sadness lurking.

From where I'm at
I can see you're pining,
Was your life pre-decided
By societal bindings?

Is that why
You wear those stoney eyes?
I'm watching my babe go by.

All your gold and your jewelry,
Girl do you know just what you do to me?
I can't buy what would keep you satisfied,
I'm watching my babe go by.
Track Name: Resolutely West Coast Bound
If I ever make it back to that little West Coast Town,
Ima hole up in that attic, write all this bullshit town.

I'm goin too fast, can't even see the road.
I gotta keep my head up, it's been hangin way too low.

The moon ain't shinin, it's black as a New York sky.
There's not a single star to guide me as I go flyin on by.

I'm headin back West, passin towns like skippin stones.
Just when you think you got someone, you back in this world alone.

The sky is falling to meet the low down ground,
I'm stuck here in between em, resolutely West Coast Bound.
Track Name: Prairie Wind
I remember when I first came East,
Passin all those little rotting town:
The dingy diners and the sad main streets,
All the zombies on the scrounge.
If I'm ever going home again,
I got to cross that great expanse.
To be honest, it's so far away
I don't know when I'll get the chance.

That prairie wind it blows away
That prairie wind it blows away
away out East.

I remember I was headed South,
Sometime in early January.
At the border they had me turn around,
Take a bus back into town.
At the station out on Berri,
I think the cross-street's rue Ontario,
I came out sleep deprived and puffin steam.
To big eyes jumped out of the snow.
"Where ya goin, and where ya been?"
Start a little conversation at the smokers bench.
"Up from Vermont, a little farming gig."
She said, "I'm going back to Edmonton."

That prairie wind it blows away
That prairie wind it blows away
away down South.

I had a pocketbook of broken songs,
Tore out a page or two.
"I hear the trip out there is pretty long,
Maybe this'll get you through."
She didn't read em, but she folded them up,
Stuck em in her coat.
The intercom called for the Sudbury bus,
She said, "I gotta go."

That prairie wind it blows away
That prairie wind it blows away
away out West.

Wherever I go in this Northern waste,
The wind ain't far behind.
It's here and there, man, I don't know a place,
Where the wind is hard to find.
It'll blow you fortune, it'll blow you pain,
It'll blow you sun and rain.
Whenever you think that it's done for good,
Here it comes again.

That prairie wind it blows away,
That prairie wind it blows away,
away up North.
Track Name: Past Midnight
Snow kept pattering my window,
Pattering my window pane.
I can't let my feelings stew,
I had to see you;
I went raging in the night in vain.

Impassioned rambling past midnight,
Christ it's almost four o'clock.
My feet were feeling sore,
As I reeled to your door;
I rapped and tapped an anxious knock.

I was certain that you must have been sleeping,
Slumbering in dreamless rest.
My heart was beating hard,
As I parked out in your yard.
I thought I saw you getting dressed.

I could hear you gently tumble down the old stairs,
I could hear you fumble with the lock.
You stepped aside to let me in,
And I couldn't hide my grin;
But I did my best to hide my shock.

I told you I just had to see ya,
I promised that I could not sleep.
You said, "don't even start,
You've warmed my beatin heart."
Then you kissed me on my icy cheek.

I softly shut the door behind me,
I followed you up the wooden steps.
I sat up on your bed,
Took my hat off of my head;
You lit a mugwort cigarette.

I thought this must be something different,
It doesn't feel like puppy love.
You said it might be fate,
And I did reciprocate;
Now I think I've said enough.
Track Name: Me and the Wind
I could have been a preacher
Or an engineer
Or a high school teacher,
If I'd just stay here;
But I'm always getting restless,
Always feeling on edge,
So I chose the highway
And I jumped the hedge.

Me and the wind,
Goin and gone;
but we'll be back,
Before too long,

Me and the wind,
Two birds in the sky;
Just goin and goin,
No reason why.

I could have been a poet,
If I stayed in school,
If I read the classics,
If I learned the rules;
I could have been an actor
On a broadway stage,
Or a farmer on a tractor
But I won't work for wage.

On every street corner
That I play my songs,
I make my money in quarters
Then I'm goin and gone;
You might see me with my thumb out
By the interstate,
Or camping in a dug out
When it's getting late.
Track Name: Babylon
I'm going back where I belong,
Back to the valley of Babylon.
Back to the valley of Babylon,
it's Babylon for me.

People try to put me down,
But there's no place lower than a Babylon town.

Sea's so deep, mountain's high;
That tower of Babel won't touch no sky.

Tallest tower in the land,
How much longer can a tower stand?

If the rich man did what the poor man said,
He'd be diggin out his own death bed.

The gate's so high, the river's wide,
Just a poor boy crossin to the other side.

I'm going back where I'm from,
DIdn't Icarus fly too close to the sun.

I'm going back where I belong,
Back to the valley of Babylon.
Track Name: I Know I Am
Now I'm
Not for wasting time,
But it seems like you are
For wasting mine.
That makes me feel a little bit confused.
I kind of like it when you do.

We're at a point.
We're at a crossroads,
You can make a choice.
You can whichever way you want to,
Not necessarily the way I want you to.

Are you afraid to fall?
I know I am.
I'm just startin to feel like it's too late.
Are you afraid to fall?
I know I am.
We both got enough shit on our plate.

Was skipping town;
But then I saw you,
hair hangin down below you eyes.
Now I just kinda want to hang around.
If you want me to.

Need to know
Exactly where these
Feelings go.
I can't hide em,
believe me I've been trying to,
Now I'm just trying to say I want you
And if you want me too...
Track Name: I Don't Want To Work No More
I don't want to work no more.
I don't want to work for pennies.

I just want to play all day.
I just want to play my guitar.

Have you ever seen an eagle soar?
He's soaring cause he's so happy.
He don't gotta work no more.

Have you ever seen a lion roar?
He's roaring cause he's lying in bed late,
He don't gotta work no more.

Have you ever heard a black crow caw?
He's cawing cause he's just so happy!
He don't gotta work no more.

I don't want no bullshit job man
I don't want my boss to rob me.
Track Name: Make It Right
I never noticed,
I never knew
Just how good you really look.
I'm the time ain't broken,
Could we have a redo?
Would you reread this dusty book?

You give me big eyes and I get a big idea
Bout how to spend a night.
Would you let me have a go again?
Do you only know me as a friend?
Did i do something wrong?
Let me make it right.

I've been off running,
Letting off steam,
Leaving as quickly as I can.
I know what's comin:
"Boy, where the hell you been?
You no good here and there gone man."

Back when I met you
I breezed right by,
Living my life without a care.
Now I can't let you give your goodbye,
Not now I finally see what's there.

Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Clubs,
But you can call it what you like.
I'm not much for violence,
You're not much for love;
We're both not much for wasted time.
Track Name: Cross That Line
I gotta cross that line,
If it's all I ever do.
You want to be somebody, babe,
Nobody's you.

I gotta climb that hill,
I gotta climb it for myself.
Ain't nobody gonna climb it for me,
Nobody else.

I gotta pass that stream,
Might get a little wet.
Have you ever had a dream that
You just can't forget?

The way it seems to me,
We each gotta decide
Between ragin and being
Willfully blind.

I'm starting to see
As life passes by,
That if you aren't truly free,
Then you're just waiting to die.

And how're you supposed to know
Unless you rattle at your cage?
How you 'posed to know
Unless you scream and you rage.

I gotta cross that line,
If it's all I ever do.
I gotta take back what's mine,
Reclaim what's true.
Track Name: Heartland Feeling No. 2
Joey was a kid born in shithole Mass.,
He got hooked on gas station synthetic grass;
Lost his job tossin cod at the fisherman dock,
Now he's hanging downtown just bummin for rock.
He met his girl Shyanne at the church soup kitchen,
Hits the County Street bars when he says she's bitchin;
Always talk o' going down Florida way,
But he's still in that town to this very day.

He's only a person.
He doesn't know shit.
Nothing's happenin.
That's about it.

Stephen was a man who knew what he's worth,
Saw the sadness in people and the state of the earth;
Got sick of stretching pizza dough for minimum wage,
And he gave up on people in a blinding rage.
He started puttin out hiphop from a basement suite,
But the bills piled up, now he's out on the street.
He's practicing yoga, learning tai chi;
He kinda thinks that he's Jesus, but between you and me...

Julie was a girl with the luck of the draw.
She got a job in accounting while studying law,
But didn't take kindly to her friends advice.
Scratch lottery bingo consumed her life.
Cut off from her family, dropped out of class,
Sleeping in a shelter, saving her stash
For that one lucky ticket: her hero's return.
Before she finishes scratching she knows she got burned.

Old man Jeff took a Greyhound bus:
Saskatoon to Toronto, with his pockets all stuffed.
He sold refrigerator parts by the side of the road
And he went door to door when it got too cold,
But work dried up so he headed out East
With his old jean jacket and tobacc' stained teeth.
Sold packs of smokes bought on Indian land,
Out in Kensington Market by the Asian fruit stands.

I used to think there was magic, used to think there was truth;
Thought there was wisdom in age, thought there was beauty in youth;
I thought that it was noble to rage and rage,
I used to think was a reason to put words on a page;
I used to think there were options, I used to think there was time;
Used to have money now I don't got a dime.
I used to think I had courage, I used to think I was strong;
I used to think that I believed in the words in my songs.